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Everything's Fine

Uploaded .

Is everything fine?

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thetworegs said


Guest said

Love it.

Guest said

superb playing and singing. Love the lyrics too.

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AMUC said

I love the wordplay here. "A part" vs "Apart"..

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SonicLuke said

Man I sure do love this song.

Guest said

Hey, you could write one song - you did! this one! thanks.

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SonicLuke said

while listening to this... yeah!!

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Norm said

Wow! Fantastic!

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kirklynch said

Lovely song!

Guest said

Great tune well done.

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Mrs. Nussbaum's Credit Card said

It could not be any other way.

Guest said

Nicely put together - In fact, everythings fine :)

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Reefwalker said

very cool track