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Forgive My Politeness

Uploaded .

This dark reggae tune has been hanging around in my “works in progress” folder for a while, but I was finally inspired to complete it when I borrowed a guitar from my friend Joe. Thanks, Joe!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Well done!

Guest said

I don't think I got notified of this one. I like it.

Guest said

How did I miss this?? Fabulous feel, reggae or otherwise. :)

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co's avatar
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Soft spot for reggae and that was cool.

Guest said

Reggae prom king night!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Great bass mate very nice.

Big Joe Silence's avatar
Big Joe Silence said

Ooohhhh, yeeeeaaah...!

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

very nice,,

Drop D's avatar
Drop D said

Deep-haunting-dub. Right up my alley.

Guest said

Tasty guitar with the Night Riderish theme song.

Norm's avatar
Norm said

Whoa! Awesome bass!

Guest said

Great mix and tones.well done.

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Excellent! Nice to hear a new one from you!

Guest said

Yeah like this a lot. Tranquil, it's what I need on a monday morning.

Guest said

Excellent IPOD tune. I'm gunna download this sumbitch.

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

love the bass riff on this one mon! cool reggae tune.

Guest said

really coll!