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Tumbling the Tumbao (w/ Norm)

Uploaded .

Norm has been teaching a master’s class in percussion and gave me (a lot!!) of guidance to try to add bass properly to this. I added 5 string bass, Fender Mustang and GR-20 sax to his excellent Tumbao track. We hope you enjoy it.

Guest said

very nice

Guest said

Enjoyed the jazzy feel given by the sax. Super cool collab.

Guest said

Awesome collab guys!

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thetworegs said

Love it " it it""..........jazzy

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Reefwalker said

cool twist to this track Chris, the sax sounds great here.

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, very smooth

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Movement To Contact said

Hey man I always open to ideas! I tried it and I am really glad I did! I was in a space today thinking "yeah but..." And I try not to get into that mode. Even though I might not always agree with an idea...It does not make them wrong. I spent to much of my life as a**'s something I feel I can always improve on, and always try to better myself as a human being and this strange rock we call earth. Did I make myself sound intelligent? Ha ha :) glad you liked it man.

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Movement To Contact said

Good stuff man, following the time perfect with the music. Sounds like a soundtrack for a summer drive. :)

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Norm said

Bass directly on the ponche (2+), right where it belongs! Well done Chris!