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Groove for Saint Ambrose

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This is a “cross-over” pattern. Cross-over patterns are a type of enharmonic polymeter, where 2 rhythms with different numbers of beats/measure are played at the same tempo: the measures do not line up each time. These rhythms have measures that start at the same point, but do not end at the same point until cycling through a certain number of measures.

In this example, a 3/16 pattern is played against a 4/4 (let’s call it 4/8 - 8 beats/measure with 4 pulses); when 4/8 is played against 3/16, the patterns don’t meet on the “1” until after the completion of 24 beats each at which time they both “cross-over”, meeting on the “1”: 3 bars of the 4/8 rhythm (3 bars X 8 beats/bar = 24 beats) and 2 bars of the 3/16 (2 bars X12 beats/bar = 24 beats).

The take home point is that this pattern could be counted in “4” or counted in “6”, depending upon how you listen to it. So this adaptable pattern could be used for 2 different songs, in 2 different meters, equally effectively: this pattern then, in a sense, has learned that “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

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Tipu said

ah, the Ambrosian chant. I see why you named it for him now, I think.

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Tipu said

Nice. It's also interesting when you play the same rhythm but on different times, say one in 4/4, and a same pattern but stretched (or compressed) to a triplet, gives a really full surround, though I'm talking in terms of guitar or synths, not sure how it would play out in percussion.

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Dave Berry said

Very, very interesting and addictive pattern here Norm.

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Cave Street said

Thanks Norm!!

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vaisvil said

thanks for the listen and rating!

Guest said

I hear that

Guest said

Oooo, 2.30 ish the little bit of quiver comes in. Nice! And, gets louder. Like it!

Guest said

"4" does it for me. I like the, "I mean business" beats.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I don't understand the Math behind it but I know it sounds Amazing! It is impressive the story you are able to tell with beats bro.

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kirklynch said

Very cool groovin' man

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Johnny Stone said

This is great mate really cool.

Guest said

Dandy beat...I sort of got lost in it.

Guest said

Lovely swaying rhythm, O King of Ze Beats!

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, if i could not play the piano (when i grow up) i would like to be a percussionist,, you make it sound soooo good

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Wildgeas Music said

You make this sound easy. You ole pro you.

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Norm said

@Jarvis: Stick to your ears - musically speaking, nothing else matters. Thanks!

Guest said

I read what you wrote....I listened to what you played......I liked what you played and got perplexed at what you I'll stick with my ears....80)

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Greg Connor said

I found myself rocking back and forth a little while listening. This is very addictive!

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Cave Street said

Love It!!!

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Reefwalker said

I like the percussion instrument choices and the way additional instruments are progressively added in waves, clean track

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Movement To Contact said


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Norm said

@MTC: Ha! Cross-overs are fun no matter who makes them. But it's cool you get the concept. Thanks.

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Movement To Contact said

way to get those rolls in there as well. killer.

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Movement To Contact said

Very sweet :) I wonder if you were thinking...."if all these damn guitarists are just going to make crossover patterns from my beats, i'll just make a crossover pattern mayself. ;) haha FAV'D

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thetworegs said

Another great piece Norm....just love your sense of rhythm